Turnitin Scoring Engine

Analyzes Your Existing Prompts

Provides Instant Assessment

Integrates Seamlessly


Score Essays Instantly

Using your previously-graded sample essays, Turnitin Scoring Engine identifies patterns to grade new writing like your own instructors would. Give the Engine a set of samples, and it will accurately score an unlimited number of new essays quickly and reliably.

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Assess Writing Ability

Turnitin Scoring Engine assesses writing ability in multiple disciplines. Use it in traditional and online educational settings. Instantly score short answer and essay questions as part of district- or state-level assessments. The Scoring Engine can also screen writing samples for course placement, interim assessments, or matriculation exams.

Intelligent Assessment

Turnitin Scoring Engine is based on breakthrough research in natural language processing (NLP) developed by researchers from Carnegie Mellon University. Turnitin Scoring Engine analyzes the lexical, syntactic, and stylistic features of writing, such as word choice and genre conventions. It uses these features to assess content mastery and genre awareness. The Scoring Engine is not a grammar checker, nor does it use simple metrics like word counts to grade essays. Turnitin Scoring Engine is a new approach to writing assessment.

Score According to Any Rubric Criteria

Turnitin Scoring Engine learns the criteria defined in your rubrics and evaluates writing submissions according to these standards. Use the example submission below to see how scores can be returned for multiple rubric criteria.

Proven Reliability

The Turnitin Scoring Engine learns to value the same things that your instructors look for in the context of a particular writing task. The Engine has built-in measures of reliability for new models of grading behavior. Our support team helps you use this information to choose appropriate contexts for our technology at your institution.

Integrate Into Your Workflow

Turnitin Scoring Engine can be integrated with a compatible webpage, learning management system (LMS), or assessment platform. Grade one essay or a collection of thousands with just a single click.

Getting Started

Turnitin Scoring Engine can be trained for an unlimited number of writing tasks or assignments. Each student or writer can receive automated scoring for any number of submissions per assignment or writing task. Turnitin Scoring Engine is available on an annual subscription basis. Pricing is per student or essay writer. Schedule a consultation.

In addition, Turnitin provides implementation and service support to ensure customers are successful:

Data Preparation and Planning

Turnitin provides support throughout the preliminary steps of training the Turnitin Scoring Engine with your prompts to meet your assessment needs.

Cloud Hosting

Turnitin Scoring Engine is cloud based. No installation or hardware maintenance is required.

Technical Support

Assistance is available for your development team, via email and phone, during software integration.

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