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Turnitin Global Effectiveness Study

Turnitin Global Effectiveness

This multi-year study of over 14 million student submissions examines how institutions in 15 countries use Turnitin to reduce unoriginal writing and engage students in the writing process through the use of online feedback and grading tools. Explore the results with this interactive infographic, and download detailed country-level reports.

Turnitin Effectiveness : Higher Education

The Effectiveness of Turnitin in Higher Education

An analysis of over 54 million student papers from over 1000 U.S. higher education institutions shows reduction in unoriginal writing, time savings, and increases in student engagement.

Turnitin Effectiveness : U.S. High Schools

The Effectiveness of Turnitin in Secondary Education

Turnitin analyzed more than 36 million student papers from 2862 U.S. high schools to understand the change in levels of unoriginal content in student papers over time.